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Children Statues-Max and Grayson Rist

Fallen Soldier Statue


Fallen Soldier
Battlefield Cross

Wildlife Statues- Large Bald Eagle

Frederic Remington Statues-Coming Through the Rye


Frederic Remington Sculptures

Soldier Statue-Life size veterans memorial

School Mascot Statues-Panther Statue-Cougar Statue

Soldier Statue

School Mascots

Bronze Plaque memorials and veteran plaques

Veteran Memorials Statues and Veteran Plaques

Bronze Plaques

Veteran Memorials

Welcome to the world of bronze statues.  Here you will find some of the most fascinating bronze statues and sculptures from all over the world.  Bronze Statues . com is the one-stop-shop for anything bronze.  If we can't get it, no body can.  And if we can't get it, we can make it. For more information call toll free (800) 785-4278. Sponsored by The Large Art Company.  Click here to enter


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